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MANURHIN (Manufacture de Machines du Haut-Rhin) was founded by Jules Spengler. Manufacturing of machines for food processing and jewellery at that time.

Start of military production in Mulhouse – Bourtzwiller. MANURHIN purchased and installed a complete line for production of small caliber ammunition and also developed and produced the first machines for ammunition manufacturing.

New plant for production of small caliber ammunition was launched in Le Mans. (It was nationalized in 1936)

New plant for production of medium caliber ammunition was launched in Cusset near Vichy.

Start of new era. The production facilities were rebuilt after World War II. MANURHIN entered new business lines – production of small arms (Walther PPK), production of equipment and tools for metrology, production of scooters (MANURHIN SM75) and others. New military subsidiaries were established: Manusaar (located in Bübingen) with German group Diehl producing cartridges for the Bundeswehr and and the Hirtenberger Patronen Zundhuchten und Metallwarenfabrik in Austria.

The ‘60 and the ‘70
Best years in history of the company. MANURHIN entered new business lines (systems of electronic regulation, plastics production) and enlarged also the military production (MANURHIN revolvers, SIG automatic rifles). The group covered more than 20 subsidiaries with a total of more than 4000 employees, was quoted in the stock exchange and was ranking the 69th position in Europe in mechanical manufacturing field.

The French group Matra entered the capital of MANURHIN and acquired 34% stake.

Beginning of the ‘80
MANURHIN faced financial problems due to global decrease of industrial activity. Some of the subsidiaries were closed or sold.

Matra became the sole shareholder of MANURHIN to assure the financial and industrial recovery of the group. Starting 1.1.1984 business of MANURHIN was then split up into two parts:

MATRA MANURHIN DEFENSE covering all military activities:

  • Production of weapons and machines for ammunition production located in Mulhouse.
  • Production of medium caliber ammunition located in Cusset near Vichy.

MATRA MANURHIN AUTOMATIC covering all civilian activities.

MATRA MANURHIN DEFENSE modernized its production facilities and enlarged also the military production program (automatic cannon 20mm HS.820 – Hispano-Suiza, APILAS -  112 mm infantry anti-tank rocket launcher)

MATRA MANURHIN DEFENSE was sold to GIAT Industries. The production of ammunition manufacturing machines in Mulhouse has been covered by the new founded company MR Equipement since that time.

FN Herstal joined GIAT Industries and MR Equipement became member of FN Herstal Group.

MNR Group was founded – company owned by the management and employees of MR Equipement. MNR Group acquired MR Equipement.

MNR Group takes over the Belgium company EDB Engineering which operates complementary activities to those of MR Equipement in the field of ammunition manufacturing machines.

MNR Group has founded UAB MANUBALTAS in Lithuania in order to externalize some of the activities of MR Equipement.

To fix the financial difficulties of MANURHIN started already in 2008 new investors entered the capital of the MNR Group in January 2012: GIAT Industries, SOFIRED and DELTA DEFENCE. 


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As a result of 90 years of experience, MANURHIN has installed over 13 000 machines including complete new production facilities in more than 60 countries.

MANURHIN has been quoted on free market NYSE Euronext since December 2010 (ISIN: FR 0010976746, Mnemo: MLMNR)